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A Team of Passionate, Dedicated Individuals who work for more fun.

Gametator (HOPPO OÜ) is a game startup based in Estonia and run by an amazing team who are also mostly gamers! This journey started with knowing and experiencing the game publisher eco-system working with Moone, Lion Studios, Voodoo, Rollic, Ketchapp, CrazyLabs and few others. Our aim was simple: learn the team, services and tools provided by different publishers and to create harmony between Gametator (HOPPO OÜ) and publisher teams without any commitment. Finally, we have learned a lot and able to launch our first hit in 2021, the Weapon Cloner.

At Gametator(HOPPO OÜ), we believe that success is not just achieved by the help of “chance gods” but continuously improving the system and following the best practices driven by the data. Can any game company beat the known success metrics of the number of game launch per year with the help of data driven approach?

It seems like some of the wise investors believed our data driven approach we talked of and invested to Gametator evaluation of 750.000 USD at the foundation. Enough for marketing! The point is you have to have a strong business plan and future value to have a pre-seed investment but the hope is only transformed to investment if you present the worth of your team’s experience and create a trust relationship at the very early stage. This summarizes what happened in foundation stage of Gametator.

Sauce is “a thick liquid eaten with food to add flavour” (cambridge dictionary)

Basically, sauce is a mixture of selected ingredients, mostly in liquid form to add extra flavor to the main dish the GAME itself. So let’s be clear; the sauce we will be looking for is the requirements to create the amazing games at Gametator: 

Teamwork, value your Team, Quality in every aspect: code quality, graphics quality , scenario and game play quality, Be gamer but don’t be just gamer, Test , and early test if possible, Learn from others specially from young ones!, Uniqueness of the game can be in different ways and forms and many more; pastel colors, snackability, simple characters, basic game design, easy understanding, satisfying and relaxing moments, ad-based monetization…

Here at Gametator, every day starts with the sentence like “hey I have a brilliantly unique game idea” but mostly ends up with “ this game cannot be played with only one finger“.

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