About us

Gametator is a game development studio which targets creating addictive games since 2008. As a part of this goal, we are developing Web, Android and IOS games for our clients.

We had developed many Flash games but after Adobe Flash is killed by mobile devices, we started to develop HTML 5, WebGL and mobile games.
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WordFlowX – Word Connect Puzzle Game


A brand-new word connect puzzle game.
  • Challenge your focus and sharpen the connection between your fingers and brain while you race against time.
  • Test your spelling proficiency and concentration and spelling skills against time limits!
  • Train your brain with this amazing word game and have great fun with fabulous brain challenges.
  • Become expert level by level.
  • It’s free to play.
  • Fun and easy to use for all ages.

Download and have fun with WordFlowX. Let the words flow!