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Gametator is one of the fastest growing game startup based in Turkey!
Our browser-based games, played by billions of people all over the world, once made us happy. And then, we decided to step into mobile gaming world in December 2020 to craft more games especially the hyper casual ones. Our first hit was in only 4 months the Weapon Cloner and since then we are continuously create more fun for the people around the world.

Playable in One Week, Ready in Two Weeks

Imagine your ideas made playable and enjoyable by billions of people on mobile devices within weeks. We have solid well defined but creative processes from idealization to execution.


Discussion of core game play, mechanics in depth, assets and levels.

Polished Version

First feeling of the mechanics and the flow for better quality and graphics

Publish Ready

Targeting lower CPI, fail and success videos; advert and other integrations.

Our Hit Games

Weapon Cloner

#1 US AppStore Simulation

#3 US AppStore
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Looking for an epic RPG game? Get ready for this super fun monster slaying game. Weapon Cloner is here to satisfy all fantasy role playing fans.

The horde is attacking your lands, as a hero you must protect your village and clash your enemies. Clone your weapons to kill thousands of Monsters and unique Bosses! There are various enemies like Goblins to Giants, Trolls to Cyclopses. Increase the amount of your weapons and multiply hundreds of them to crush your target.

There are amazing weapons to unlock. Pick the best weapons that fits your play style and create new fighting strategies. There will be giants with different powers, but no worries! You can freeze any monsters with Freezing Spear, curse them with Poison Bombs or burn them with Fire Metal Spear!

Are you ready for an epic weapon fighting game?

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It’s all fun and games until someone, well, takes away the fun and games.  Join millions of other players and enjoy the most popular and fun games created by Gametator.

Life at Gametator

We value each point of view from everybody within the group and guarantee a non-toxic work environment where everybody tries to bring out their best by collaborating with team mates.

We have specialists who have a solid foundation who want to share their professional experiences with a collaborative mentality in our group.

We would like to meet imaginative minds that will ensure these Life Standards in Gametator.

    We Work Efficiently
    We like Generating New Ideas


    developed by gamers.